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An exploration of how we define something as beautiful.

OBJECTIVE: A pattern of complex simplicity. An arrangement of dots that neither represents, symbolises nor resembles any specific object or concept. Simply a number of concentric circles made of dots. That is a fact. That is objective. The properties of materials; their colour, contrast, reflective qualities, their texture and opacity are also objective, their response to light can be predicted with an understanding of their molecular form.

SUBJECTIVE: Symmetry is at the heart of the human concept of beauty. Balance, harmony and composition create pleasing responses both visually and aurally. The beauty of an equation is in its simple symmetry when plotted out on the page. Each piece should evoke a different response from the viewer dependent upon subjective feedback to the combination of the materials employed. We will be drawn to one or more that, for purely subjective reasons, will be more beautiful to us than others. Subjectivity will mean that those influences will be unique to each viewer.

EXHIBITION: The OBJECTIVE? SUBJECTIVE. exhibition runs at Gallery33 at The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, California from May 8 – June 7 2024.