Smiley Pill Head


Smiley pills mounted into acrylic and set on glitter background. Black frame and mount.

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Smiley pills mounted on yellow acrylic with black acrylic features. Mounted onto a choice of glitter or shiny acrylic backgrounds. Window mounted in black core card with black frame and glazed.

Stamped & signed by the artist

Size: 50cm x 50cm

Disclaimer: It is illegal (and pretty fucking stupid to be so obvious about it) to send a controlled substance through the post and Chemical X is not stupid. The pills used in these particular pieces are ‘virgin’ and contain nothing illegal so you won’t get your back door kicked in, unless that is something you’re into. Each to their own.

And if the rozzers are reading this: We do not sell drugs, we sell art. Nothing to see here mate.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 5 cm